Cosmetic/Beauty Treatment Injury

Cosmetic/Beauty Treatment InjuriesWe all like to visit the hairdressers, spa, beauty salon and nail bar. Many of us have had cosmetic work such as dentistry, fillers and laser treatments. The vast majority of cosmetic and beauty treatments are perfectly safe as they are carried out with the utmost care by professionals. However, if you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured while receiving a beauty treatment we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Here are examples of injuries which may lead to compensation:

  • Allergic reactions, burns & hair loss at the hairdressers
  • Cuts and bleeding caused by hairdressers slipping with the scissors
  • Burns caused by incorrectly used lasers
  • Skin damage from waxing
  • False eyelash and eyelash extension complications
  • Allergic reactions to eyelash and eyebrow tint dyeing and perming
  • Botched botox or dermal fillers

Gary Williams Solicitors understands that this may be a distressing time for you and guarantee your claim will be dealt with in a sensitive manner.