Bus/Coach Accidents

Bus AccidentsBuses are generally a safe way to travel, but occasionally accidents happen.

If you are a passenger and are injured as a result of a collision, or bad driving, it is very likely you will be able to make a successful claim for bus accident compensation.

If you suffer a simple whiplash type injury, or something much more serious, our specialist solicitors provide all the practical help and advice you will need to make a claim.

We will:

  • Arrange a medical examination with an appropriate expert in your local area.
  • Arrange any treatment such as physiotherapy and counselling.
  • Calculate any loss of earnings.
  • Claim for other losses/expenses such as care claims, insurance excess, prescription fees, travel expenses, telephone calls and damage to clothing/property.

You will not have to pay for this as it will form part of your claim and we will recover the costs from the other side.

If you were involved in a bus/coach accident try to:

  • Keep your ticket: this proves you were on the bus.
  • Give your name to the driver, so he knows about you and this will also stop any arguments over whether you were on the bus or not.
  • Get full details of the vehicles involved and obtain another passenger’s name and address as a witness.
  • If possible, use your camera on your mobile phone to show the aftermath of the crash.

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